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When choosing wedding candle it helps if You think about:

  • what is the overall style of the wedding
  • what are the main colors used in the wedding
  • what color and what kind of flowers does the bridal bouquet consist of
  • the design of the candle can also be inspired from the design of wedding invitations, wedding album or wedding dress
  • if the candle will have the names of the couple and the date or rather a monogram from first letters of names
  • if there is a symbol, logo or other motif what You would like to have on the candle
  • if there will be an “and” or “&” between the names
  • if the date is written in words or in numeric form
  • if there is a certain font You would like to use on the candle, which is also used on invitations, place cards etc.

*Changing a bit of existing designs does not change the total price of the candle. Costs for creating an original design for the candle start from 10€.

In Your first letter please tell me about:

  • As clearly as possible, which candle or candles are You interested in, by telling me the category and design number (e.g. with ornaments, number 17) from the webpage or adding a link from Facebook page to the letter.
  • What is the date You wish to have the candles ready for – this enables me to estimate the waiting time or if it is possible to fulfill the request at all.
  • If You would like to pick the candles up Yourself or do they need to be posted.

*If posted a postage fee will be added to the total price. For candles with diameter up to 10cm the fastest and low-cost solution would be Smartpost starting from 3€. If Smartpost is not available for Your country, please contact me for a postage quote.

If I have all the necessary information, I will send You a price offer. NB!!! The price offer is valid for 3 days starting from the day after which You receive it. When this time passes You will have to request a new offer because there are many price requests and otherwise I can’t plan my work.


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