Frequently asked questions

  • Who will provide the candle to be decorated?

I prefer to paint on the candles that purchase myself since I have been doing this for years and have found the most suitable candles to paint on. If You bring Your own candle it could end up not looking as good as on the photos, since the quality of the candle just might not allow it.

  •  Where can I pick up the candles and can they also be shipped?

The candles can be picked up in Tallinn, Tungla 10. I will also post candles to SmartPost parcel machines (starting from 3€) or Omniva parcel machines and post offices (starting from 4€), the postage fee will be covered by the customer.

  • How long is the waiting time?

Waiting time depends on the capacity of the order, requested pick-up date and also the amount of orders already in the queue. For example, in summer the waiting time is often 1 month.

  • What does number “160h” by the candle mean?

The number beside the candle means burning time in hours.